May 24, 2016

For a Celebration or as a Gift: Make Your Own Antler Chandelier

make your own antler chandelier
elk and mule deer antler chandelier
Custom Elk and Mule Deer Antler Chandelier
Celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions are opportunities to give loved ones a memorable gift. While it's common to give jewelry or small keepsakes, consider giving your spouse a unique antler chandelier. This chandelier might become the perfect focal point in a newly renovated living room or your new vacation cabin. Have you thought about how to make your own antler chandelier? The concept of crafting or ordering a customized antler chandelier works well as a fun, useful gift for multiple reasons. 
  There's Only One 
 The antler chandeliers we design for custom projects are one-of-a-kind products. They reflect personal tastes and decor styles. Our chandeliers complement living spaces and convey a preference for high-quality furnishings. For a spouse who is passionate about the outdoors or rustic style, an antler chandelier completes a room. 
  Practical and Artistic 
 Antler chandeliers are functional art. Build your own chandelier with our kits or speak with our experienced antler artist. The process of collaborating with an antler artist is similar to buying art at a gallery - except it's made especially for you. You decide on the types of antlers and perhaps the overall shape. Ask our antler artist what he recommends according to the space and design of your home. 
  A Reminder of a Special Day 
 For a 25th anniversary or to commemorate a special milestone, craft or order a personally designed antler chandelier. Choose the number of lights and the brightness of the glow. When you and your loved one look up at the chandelier, you'll be reminded of that special anniversary or birthday. 

Make Your Own Antler Chandelier 
antler chandelier ultimate supply kit, antler lamp DIY how to build your own antler chandelier and lamp
Ultimate Supply Kit
Learn about the capabilities of our antler artist, or use our DIY antler chandelier kits available on our website. Choose from instructional DVD's, crafting supplies, and the electrical parts necessary to make your own antler chandelier at home. You may want to consult with our antler artist for information about the varieties of antler chandeliers he can create.
If you have questions, would like further information about building or buying a custom antler chandelier, contact us.

Jeff Musgrave

May 21, 2016

The Elk Antler Chandelier: Symbol of the West

elk antler chandelier haymen

The elk antler chandelier is one of the most iconic, distinct images of the American West

It's literally made from the bull elk, an animal that embodies the rugged landscape it wanders. Even though elk are absent from many parts of the United States their shed antlers look great in any home, anywhere. Our elk antler chandeliers are custom-made to accommodate just about any space and are tastefully constructed to match whatever room in your home you choose.
haymen elk antler chandelier

elk shed elk antler chandelierIn recent years, collecting elk antlers or "shed hunting" has become a favorite pastime for many people. In early spring each year, shed hunters traipse all over in search of the bones the elk leave behind. Tourists from around the country head for the hills around the Rocky Mountain West hoping to find a set of antlers to decorate their home. Many of the people who take to the hills return with great memories and few sheds.
While shed hunting is both physically and mentally rewarding, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to collect enough antlers to create an elk antler chandelier.
antler chandelier ultimate supply kit, antler lamp DIY how to build your own antler chandelier and lamp
For those of you who wish to decorate your home with some of the antlers you found, our Make a Chandelier with Antlers DVD has all the tips and design ideas you need to get going. Also, our do it yourself kit has all of the pieces to help get your antler decor piece, just right.
And for those of you who want a beautiful piece created for your home, contact us. Please contact us with questions or creative ideas for your own custom elk antler chandelier, antler furniture or art piece. We love to work one on one with you throughout the creative design processes.

The Peak Antler Company

Jeff Musgrave -Owner / Antler Artist

May 19, 2016

Antler Decor: Pairing Nature-Inspired Tones and Textures

oval elk antler chandelier antler decor

Antler décor brings the beauty of the outdoors into your everyday life.

As an interior designer, or as a homeowner, you may want to complement the natural beauty of antlers with other rustic furnishings. A great way to enhance the beauty of antler décor is to add leather and other natural (or nature-inspired) textures. Leather furnishings add a sense of durability and ruggedness to home decor that fits well with antler decor. Consider buying a medium brown or dark brown leather couch for a living space, with an antler chandelier above. Other ways to add leather to spaces include vintage-inspired leather chairs or seats. It's also possible to add leather home accessories to decor - such as leather coasters or office accessories. If you're not a fan of real leather, faux leather may work just as well. Choose leather boxes, ottomans, or versatile stools to accentuate a rustic home environment. Browse furniture outlets online or visit antique stores for unique elements that complement antler art. You may also wish to consider adding faux fur rugs or wool blankets. These items add a cozy ambiance to country living spaces. For example, striped or patterned wool blankets give a room a decorative look that's also functional during the winter. If you prefer softer blankets, fleece works just as well. Consider dark navy or forest green fleece blankets for couches, beds, and lounging areas. Antler decor also works well with natural wood furniture. Choose wood furniture in deep brown or reddish tones for a timeless, sophisticated look. Lighter wood tones are also a good choice, especially if you want to make a room look as spacious as possible.

If you would like more suggestions about incorporating antler art into your home, keep reading our blog or contact us.

Jeff Musgrave owner/artist