April 24, 2015

Liven Up Your Foyer With a Large Oval Antler Fork Mirror

antler fork mirror

Oval Antler Mirror

It is important to look your best when you leave the home and make your way into the world every morning. For that reason, there is nothing like looking into an Antler Fork Mirror to ensure that your tie is on straight and your collar is perfectly pressed.
At The Peak Antler Company, we’ve designed a marvelous, fishbone pattern antler mirror that is perfect for this. Built from naturally shed antlers, the mirrors can be designed for either horizontal or vertical installation per your preference. Each antler is cut individually to ensure a perfect fit, and then completed with Elk “buttons” to tie the antlers together and provide an accent. Once complete, the finished mirror provides the perfect centerpiece for the foyer of your home, cabin, or office. All you need to decide is whether you want a large, medium, or oval sized mirror to highlight the western or modern motif that you are seeking to complete.
Each of our Antler Fork Mirrors are custom designed and built. This means that we can include any number of features to ensure the piece blends perfectly within your home’s decor. Because this process can be rather detailed and complex, we ask that you give us 4-6 weeks for completion and delivery of the finished mirror. This ensures that our craftsman have plenty of time to focus on making your mirror the finest we’ve ever completed.
The Peak Antler Company would be glad to answer your questions about the Antler Fork Mirror. We invite you to contact us at 719-641-8844 for more details about the ways the piece can serve as a reflection of your design tastes and love for the natural world right outside the door.
More Antler Mirror from The Peak Antler Company:

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owner/artist Jeff Musgrave

April 21, 2015

Product Spotlight: Elk Antler Chandeliers

 Elk Antler Chandeliers

There’s nothing like a Colorado Rocky Mountain high! Walking the forests in valleys and over mountains in our beautiful state clears your mind and raises your spirits. Look down as you walk in the fields and woods: You never know when you’ll come across an elk antler, and when you do, share the adventure! One antler shed hunter proudly posted his finds on YouTube May 2014. The lucky shed hunter who captured this stud bull elk shed one side, soon after he found the match!
Elk antlers are a wonderful keepsake, but at Peak Antlers, we buy elk antler sheds to make pieces of art and furniture. We can design your own unique elk antler chandeliers to your, a builder, or your interior designer’s specifications. Our elk antler chandeliers might be exactly what you’re looking for, and ask craftsman Jeff Musgrave about the many ways they can be customized:

 “Mt Bross” X-Large – Elk Antler Chandelier with Rawhide and Mica Iron Base – Large and stunning, it’s perfect for high ceilings in a foyer or boardroom.
Elk Antler chandelier Mica Rawhide base

“Mt Elbert” Small Elk & Mule Deer Antler Chandelier  – This chandelier will compliment a large dining room or kitchen table.
elk and mule deer antler chandelier lane mt elbert small

“Maroon Peak” Small Oval Elk Antler Chandelier  – Down lights create unique lighting that will enhance any room.
elk antler small oval chandelier

 “Mt Bross” with Bronzes – Elk Antler Chandelier with bronzes – adding bronze elk sculptures create a unique piece.
elk antler chandelier with elk bronzes

“Maroon Peak” Large Oval Elk Antler Chandelier – You’ll love the oval design and versatility of this graceful chandelier.
518 -L Elk Antler Pooltable light with rawhide shades

“Huron Peak” White Elk Antler Chandelier – a modern approach with white elk antlers and shiny brass electrical fittings

“Sundial” antique wagon wheel elk antler chandelier – This popular chandelier is indeed a chain-suspended wagon wheel accented with elk antlers.

antique wagon wheel sundial elk antler chandelier

Do you enjoy displaying your own and studying others’ creativity? Pinterest is one of the Internet’s best sources for inspiration, and if you “pin,” follow our board.
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February 27, 2015

Decorate Your Home with Antler Décor

Home Decor with Antlers

Mt Bross antler chandelier  in homeHomeowners are getting back to the basics of bringing outdoor life into the home, and it’s not a temporary trend. It is a way of living that offers sustainability and protects our planet for the ages. Today’s builders and interior designers are looking for ways to save energy and water. For example, installing skylights and larger windows allows homeowners to use the sun’s energy for light and warmth. These ecologically safer processes save money for homeowners, too.  Home decor with antlers is one step in this process.

Bringing nature into the home or office with eco-friendly textiles and carpeting, like jute, sisal, seagrass and renewable biopolymer fibers is one of the ways interior designers promote nature-inspired décor. The most savvy interior designers use antler sheddings art pieces to contrast modern, minimalistic, linear room styles.
elk antler candelabra centerpiece
One designer called it “country chic,” but we think home decor with antlers is one of the most eco-friendly and inspirational ways to accentuate any interior design style. We found some interesting ideas on Pinterest for home décor with antlers:
  • Jewelry holder/organizer
  • Towel rack
  • Benches/Chairs
  • Lightplate
  • Dream catcher
  • Drawer pulls
  • Coffee table
  • Photo frames
  • Bottle opener
  • Christmas tree
  • Curtain tiebacks
  • Floral centerpiece
  • Coffee mug holder
  • Door or wall wreath
  • Cabinet handles
  • Candle holders
  • Pendant light
  • Door handles
  • Windchimes
  • antler windchimeantler bouquet

 Home décor with antlers is our speciality.

We’d like to hear from you about ways to incorporate nature and animal art into interior design.
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Would you like 2015 to be your “personal best” year for finding antler sheddings? The antler-hunters who find the most are called “shed heads,” and they have strategies for antler-hunting success. Be sure to read Jacob Edson’s 10 Tips for Finding More Antlers before your next winter walk in the woods!