September 28, 2015

In Stock and on Sale: “Christus Victor” Antler Crucifix Sculpture

“Christus Victor” Antler Crucifix

“I built this just to see if I could. I think it turned out magnificent! Truly a one of a kind piece.” – wildlife artist Jeff Musgrave

Full antler sculpture, antler crucifix statue stands 6 feet tall. It is made of naturally shed mule deer antler, small elk antler, and a few white tail antler. The cross is reclaimed barn wood with railroad spikes, barbed wire and a leather scrap nailed to the cross above Jesus head displaying “INRI” translated “it is finished” completing the sculpture.

The term “Cristus Victor” comes from the title of Gustaf Aulén‘s book, first published in 1931 and translated in English by Gabriel Hebert, in which he drew attention back to this classic early Church understanding of the atonement. Gustav Aulén writes in description of Christus Victor, “the work of Christ is first and foremost a victory over the powers which hold mankind in bondage: sin, death, and the devil.”

It has been on display during the Easter season at our local church as well as in Seven Arrows Gallery in Woodland Park, CO.

The cross base may be modified to be a hanging display.

Call today to discuss your own unique antler sculpture. The sky is the limit, and we haven’t hit it yet!

The Peak Antler Company
Jeff Musgrave – owner/artist

September 25, 2015

"How do you get the wires in there?"

Make Antler Chandelier

The second most commonly asked question is "How do you gets get the wires in there?"
haymen elk antler chandelier
"Haymen" Elk Antler Chandelier
We live at the base of Pikes Peak in the Colorado Rocky Mountains where we have an elk herd behind our house.  Over the years we have discovered the perfect mix of feed, a harmless easily digestible high copper content grain source.  The elk have been growing wire in their antlers ever since.  It simplifies our job, we merely assemble the antlers and plug them in.
You can see the step by step construction process in our "How To: Build and Antler Chandelier & Lamp" DVD and give it a try yourself.

DIY How to Make an Antler Chandelier - DVD Video

How to make antler chandeliers make antler chandelierLearn how to:
  • Grade Antler
  • Find Antler
  • Assemble an Antler Chandelier
  • Drill the Antlers for Internal Wiring
  • Wire and Test the Product
  • Conceal the Wire, Stain Antlers
  • Complete Final Painting.
The make antler chandelier DVD uses three of our most popular styles of chandeliers and one table lamp as examples.  It teaches the basic skills needed to complete any antler project to create your own unique work of art.  Once you know the basics, you will discover how easy it is to design and create your own unique antler lighting decor.  The Peak Antler Company chandeliers are built by UL standards.  This video demonstrates construction and wiring by those standards and all supply kits include the same products used in our facilities.
make antler chandelier ultimate supply kit, antler lamp DIY how to build your own antler chandelier and lamp
Ultimate Supply Kit
Get inspired to create your own antler piece or inspire others with our best selling How to make an Antler Chandelier video.
The make an antler chandelier DVD makes a great gift for your brother, father, grandfather, better half, craft lady in your life, redneck-in-law, or yourself!
+ Free Domestic shipping!
International shipping available on request, please email for a shipping quote.
 happy customer: "After almost three months I finally finished my chandelier, but I am sure that without your support and great advice from the DVD it would take me much longer or maybe I wouldn't be able to achieve such a great result.  I built a chandelier for my friend and after seeing what I have done he already asked me to do a second one. Thanks again. - Michal"

September 23, 2015

"Where do you get your antlers from?"

Answer: Usually from deer and elk.

They kindly donate their used pair as they prepare for a new set.  While we request they leave them at our back door, our dog seems to always chase them off before they can leave their donation.  The elk seem a bit irritated after that and are usually too busy to be treated so rudely by a mutt, so we have to employ other help gathering them in the forest.
Shed Antler"Deer (and other ungulates, like elk) shed their antlers every year, then grow a completely new set. This shedding procedure takes two to three weeks to complete, while the regeneration takes an entire summer to complete — before the cycle starts all over again. Bucks shed their antlers between January and April, depending upon many factors including the animal’s age and the latitude at which it lives, after the mating season concludes." see more here
whitetail deer antlers
Whitetail Deer
single tree over white tail antler chandelier
"Snowmass Mountain" Oval Single Tree over White Tail Antler Chandelier
Antique Singletree over naturally shed real whitetail antler chandelier.  The perfect chandelier to compliment a western,rustic or lodge decor.  It has an antique single tree supporting the antler chandelier.  8 lights, approximately 45”X 25”X 20”
This style of chandelier may be hung using a variety of objects.  One customer chose to use an antique fence post from their family farmstead, others prefer a single tree or rustic logs.
Handcrafted in the USA! All products are individually built to order which allows for unlimited customizing options such as adding down-lights or candle cover options.
Mule Deer muledeer antler
Mule Deer
spruce mule deer muledeer antler chandelier
"Spruce" Mule Deer Antler Chandelier
The tall mule deer antler chandelier has a concave swirling base made up of a thick pattern of naturally shed mule deer antlers.  The top builds to a point with a very thick center which give it a solid presence in any lighting decor. 18 lights, approximately 50" x 40". All our antler chandeliers are individually built to order which allows for unlimited customizing options.
elk antlers
Elk Antler chandelier Mica Rawhide base
Extra Large "Mt Bross" Elk Antler Chandelier with Rawhide and Mica Iron Base
The elk antler chandelier has a beautiful amber glow through added down lighting illuminating the mica and rawhide in the hand crafted dome of the iron base.  Large 6 point Elk antler circle the iron base structure. This piece compliments a rustic decor while very elegant in design.  The candle style light height may be adjusted or replaced with antler covers. 21 up lights and 4 down lights, approximately 78"w X 78"h.
Individually built to order which allows for unlimited customizing options. Feel free to contact us with questions and your own unique customizing options.
The Peak Antler Company
Jeff Musgrave - Owner/Artist
Where do we physically acquire antlers from?  We buy the majority of our shed antlers from local antler shed hunter enthusiasts.  Most of our mule deer and elk antlers come from Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.  White tail antler we import from Canada.  We also use moose and fallow deer antler which we get from a variety of sources.  Occasionally we are able to use your own antlers in a custom antler piece!  See more here
Handy with tools?  Try building your own with aid from our Build your own antler chandelier DVD and supply kits.
How to make antler chandeliers
DVD - Build your own antler chandelier