June 25, 2016

Antler Coffee Tables from The Peak Antler Company

Custom Made Antler Coffee Tables

antler furniture decorating with antler coffee tablesThe perfect rustic home uses natural materials. Stone fireplace, interior barn doors; there are lots of ways to bring the outdoors in. If you're looking for something truly unique and beautiful that will fit in with your rustic home, try one of our antler coffee tables.
Our elk antler coffee tables are meant to add sophisticated beauty to your living space, where nature and habitation meet. The antler tips are intact, keeping the table as close to natural as possible to bring that nature close to you.
You have never seen anything like our elk antler table with a moose shed antler carved with an eagle. These antler tips are also intact, adding to the beauty of the piece. Our craftsmen hand carve the antler so it really is a work of art.
If you prefer a blend of nature and not, check out this elk antler table with snowshoes accent. Again, the tips are intact, but this one has the addition of antique replica snowshoes making it even more unique.
All of our coffee tables come with 1/2" beveled glass tops. They are built to order, so they are completely customizable. Because we don't start working on the table until you order it, expect delivery time to vary, generally around 4-6 weeks. You know you can order exactly what you want when you work with us. Whatever you might desire, we can work with you to create. Contact us so we can get to work on your dream table and bring nature into your rustic home.
Jeff Musgrave - owner/artist

June 21, 2016

Antler Décor Makes a Great Gift

Antler Décor Makes a Great Gift for a Host or Hostess

Fire tool set antler decorThere is nothing more exciting than receiving an invitation to stay at a friend's cabin or vacation home! When you have friends with a vacation home or cabin, you could find yourself the recipient of unexpected weekends away, full of fun and relaxation. 
 It may be challenging to find the right way to say thanks to your friends or family that let you stay in their home away from home. After all, the amount of money that you would spend renting a similar place to stay is pretty substantial. A nice thank you gift shows your friends that you are grateful, and may even get you invited back more often. 
 You could always give them a nice bottle of wine or a gift card, but a personal gift that adds to the atmosphere of the cabin or vacation home is a classy way to say thanks and leave their place even nicer than you found it.
You can really surprise and delight your hosts by giving them antler decor as a thank you gift. They will love having this little piece of the great outdoors as a permanent fixture in their vacation home or cabin. Antler candelabras make a really unique centerpiece and are practical as well as beautiful. This fire tool set is a one of a kind gift that guests to the cabin or vacation home will be able to use again and again. A table lamp is another great gift idea that your hosts will enjoy using on quiet nights away. 
 For more information on antler decor, please contact us
Jeff Musgrave owner/artist

June 18, 2016

Amp up your Organic Glamour Style with an Antler Chandelier

oval antler chandelier pool table shed antlers in interior design
Not since the early cavemen created fire, some 400,000 years ago has Natural Interior Decorating been so smokin' hot! Granted, we saw a pretty good run of natural design circa late 80's featuring hunter green tones, pine cone bedspreads, and accent walls made of cedar panel. And, as the Adirondack Style ran its course it evolved into the wildly popular Pottery Barn in the early 90's. This Contemporary look gave way to the Shabby Chic decor and, so on, and so forth. 
  Design 2016...Organic Glamour 
 Fast forward, 2016...Organic Glamour. Even the name sounds cool. But, how does this new name give a new face to the post rustic of 25 years ago? To begin, mixing metals is huge! Before we saw cabin styles adhere strictly to polished brass, but the new adornment infuses cooper, bronze and rose-colored metals. Creating a warm ambiance throughout the room. In the 70's we were privy to the groovy trend of macrame. No home was complete without a wall tapestry or plant holders made of artistically knotted rope. Today's Artisanal style is reminiscent of those same natural fibers. Decorative accessories have gone low-key with more handmade trinkets, as homeowners and designers become more green. 
  It's Chic to have Antlers! 
 Organic Glamour is a design style embraced by nearly everyone, as all genders love the relaxing and neutral feel of the room's atmosphere. That being said, present day allows for grand gestures of home hardware such as shed antlers in interior design. Previously, only those living in the Rocky Mountain regions were "allowed" to utilize such knick-knacks in a home. Yet, with the resurgence of natural ornamentation such things as antler chandeliers, are nothing short of chic!

Want to see more shed antlers in interior design?

An online visit to The Peak Antler Company will thrill you with truly stunning antler chandeliers, as well as other furniture pieces for sale. However, in addition to pre-made items an effort to leave a footprint generated the production of a DVD, showing you how to make an antler chandelier yourself. By contacting us via our website, you will find the DVD entitled "DIY - How to Make an Antler Chandelier". 
 Remember, "home" is where and how you fashion it. The more natural it feels to you the more organically happy you'll be...even if that means, adding an antler, or two!